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Why convert to DVD

Tape is an excellent medium to shoot film on, but a poor way to store video. Tape heads wear on the tape during every viewing and chemical processes are at work destroying your tape every day, even while it sits on the shelf. Things like temperature, dust, and time all play a part in the deterioration of your videotapes. Tapes as little as 10 years old could be in serious jeopardy from wear, disintegration, and magnetic fields.

You might have a collection of tapes or film reelís that you never watch because your camera or projector are broken! Your children could be enjoying them with you today!

Advantages of DVD

If properly cared for a DVD will last over 100 years and the quality will be as good on the 100th year as it is the first time you watch it. This means that generations to come will enjoy the same quality video as you do today.

Practical advantages include:
  • Easier to watch on TV or PC - no need for projectors or albums
  • No need to rewind
  • Easier to store, mail and even to take with you to share with friends and family
  • Chapters allow quick and easy scene selection
  • DVDs have taken over the video market and it's only a matter of time before VCR's have gone the way of the phonograph
  • Superior pause quality for still shot viewing
  • More robust than video tapes - will not jam or unwind
  • More Child resistant than video tapes
  • Preserved for next generation media transfer
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