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Do you have an occasion or event coming up and you are looking for that unique and special gift? What better than a high quality DVD with video and/or photos spanning the years. Professionally created with effects, titles and background music presented on a personalised DVD and cover. This truly is a unique present that will be treasured for a lifetime and enjoyed again by future generations.

DVD It Today can assist you in cataloging the photos and videos to ensure the end presentation is exactly what you want and more!

Special Occasions" might include:

Milestone Birthdays (21st, 40th, 50th etc.), Anniversaries, "This is Your Life", Family Tree, Religious occasions, "I Love You" or maybe you have one of your own, please let us know?

"The Wedding Duet"

"The Wedding Duet" is proving extremely popular. We transfer both your wedding video and wedding album to DVD. This includes titles, effects, background music and is presented in a personalised DVD case and cover. View your wedding album again for the "First Time", you won’t believe the difference.

A perfect present or surprise for someone you love.
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